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You Need to Read This If You Raise Goats For Meat

For those of you who raise goats or sheep for meat, you probably have a number of wethers that you put on grain to fatten quickly for sale or the freezer. Well this can cause a serious problem, it’s call Urinary Calculi or Bladder Stones, which if not caught and treated quickly can lead to a painful death for the animal. The problem is that unless you have it on hand the recommended treatment (Ammonium Chloride) can usually only be found online, and may not arrive in time. This article has a treatment whose ingredients can be purchased at the local grocery.

Goat Medical Emergency – A Close CallBobCat Acres Times

How to prepare that rabbit for use and storage

Thought you’d like to see how this homestead prepares their harvested rabbits for eventual use and storage. With rabbits being so prolific you will usually have to harvest more rabbits than you can use in one meal. So you will need to store them for the freezer so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, say in the off season when your rabbits are not producing more rabbits.

Hope you enjoy the video in the post from BobCat Acres Times

Preparing Harvested Rabbits for Storage and Use – BobCat Acres Times

Another Homestead Rabbit Article

Here is an interesting article on processing you rabbits. The person here shows you how to skin and clean a rabbit so it’s ready to be eaten.

What’s nice is that he doesn’t show the actual killing, which can be traumatic for some, he also has removed the head before the start so that it is easier for the viewer to see the process and not be so concerned about what it is, which means the same process can be used on pretty much any small animal.

Hope you enjoy this and come back again to find out what else we have found on the web.

Homestead Rabbit Skinning and Cleaning – BobCat Acres Times